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One of the nation's leading fuels blenders 888-Grr-GCHI (888-477-4244)

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Call Grr! today to learn how our exceptional team of dedicated employees make it easy for you to manage your containerized and bulk waste in drums, totes, tankers, dump trailers, and rail cars anywhere in the eastern half of the United States. We receive hazardous and non-hazardous waste from as far away as the west coast.

Grr!’s slogan is, “Solvents to Skyscrapers, we are Fueling Tomorrow’s Construction” because our core businesses is to convert your waste into energy to power cement kilns. Cement manufactured utilizing waste as fuel by our parent company, Giant Cement, is used in all facets of construction from highways to skyscrapers.

Grr! Is a full-service environmental company operating 4 permitted hazardous waste facilities in the eastern half of the country. Our agreements with multiple disposal and recycling outlets and national transportation companies, allow us to manage many different wastes within a very large geographical area.

Check out our Grr! website to find more information about our fully permitted hazardous waste facilities located in Sumer, SC, Harleyville, SC, Bath, PA, and Attalla, AL. By utilizing your hazardous and non-hazardous waste as fuel, we conserve approximately 70,000 tons of fossil fuel per year.

Grr! is owned by Giant Cement Holdings, Inc., which is owned by Elementia, an international manufacturer and supplier of cement and other building materials.

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