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Giant Resource Recovery - Harleyville, Inc.

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Waste Approval Procedures

To obtain approval for a new waste stream, please submit the following prior to shipment:

1. GRR-Harleyville Material Profile Form and Addendum 1

2. South Carolina Air Toxic Survey Form

3. Benzene NESHAP Questionnaire

4. Credit Application - New Customers Only

5. Representative Sample: Liquids - One quart Solids - Five-gallon pail

All containers must be labeled with the generator's name, the name of the waste as identified on the Profile, and the date the sample was collected. The sample must be shipped in appropriate DOT-approved packaging.

The completed forms and sample should be sent to:

482 Seven Mile Road
Harleyville, SC 29448
Phone: (803) 496-2220
Fax: (803) 306-6808


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