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GRR-Sumter is 62 miles north of our Harleyville cement kiln and is perfectly located for shipments of containerized and bulk waste that need to be pre-processed or repackaged prior to shipment to Giant’s kiln.

GRR operates a unique drum extruder that cuts the bottoms from your drums of hazardous and non-hazardous solids and then hydraulically emptied. These wastes are then shipped to the GRR Harleyville kiln. Because our Harleyville operation is one of the only kilns capable of directly burning hazardous waste solid material, GRR Sumter offers exceptional hazardous waste solid capabilities, including managing wastes that traditionally go to incineration.

Recent additions at GRR-Sumter also include a powerful new hydropulper capable of liquefying your sludge and dispersible solid wastes. The new hydropulper increases the percentage of solids that can be blended into liquids and shipped to cement kilns for use as fuel.

As a full-service environmental company, our agreements with multiple additional outlets and national transportation companies allow us to manage many different wastes you may generate throughout the eastern half of the country.

Call GRR-Sumter today to learn how our exceptional sales and customer service team make it easy for you to manage your hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

Grr!: 888-GRR-GCHI (888-477-4244)

Facility: (877) 473-6664

755 Industrial Rd., P.O. Box 1755

Sumter, SC 29151

EPA ID No. SCD036275626

Fully Permitted RCRA Hazardous Waste TSDF

Giant Resource Recovery - Sumter, Inc