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Waste Acceptance Guidelines

GRR Aerosols handles more kinds of aerosols than anyone. We accept nearly all types of hazardous and non-hazardous aerosol containers and will evaluate every request. Whether full truckloads or LTL’s, GRR Aerosols serves customers nationwide.

UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: PCBs, medical inhalers, adhesives and sealants >4% per load, silicone gasket-making products, expanding foam insulation products, paint strippers >2% per load, undercoating and rubberizing products >2% per load, D002 corrosives, D003 reactive, pepper spray, plastic or glass aerosols and containers, aerosols pressurized with CFC propellants.

HFCs: Aerosols pressurized with 152a are acceptable if segregated and profiled separately. Aerosols pressurized with 134a may be acceptable if segregated, profiled separately, and approved by GRR Aerosols’ Environmental Compliance Department.